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Street Address : East industrial Zone, Zaoqiang, Hebei, China.

City : Hengshui

Country : China

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FRP Agitator Tank

FRP Agitator Tank


$ 500.00

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2017-05-12 01:36:44
East industrial Zone, Zaoqiang, Hebei, China.
$ 500.00
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$ 500.00
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Kaymo Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacture Co., Ltd. [ Silver ]
Categories: Home > Minerals & Materials > Metal mineral
FRP agitator tank (also called FRP agitator vessel), is an all-in-one device which has mixer, mixer shaft, internals, shaft seal, liquid seal, packing seal, transmission system, motor and valves. Adopting cylinder shape, FRP agitator tank offers strong corrosion resistance, long service life, high strength, light weight. All of these advantages make it be widely applied in petroleum, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other industries.

With the development of times, FRP market have been expanding. At the same time, fiber reinforce plastic is gradually replacing stainless steel, carbon steel and many other materials to occupy the whole tank industry.

There are two FRP agitator vessels.
FATP-01: FRP agitator vessels do well in medium storage and treatment.These are FRP agitator tanks in cylinder shape.
FATP-02: FRP agitator tank is an all-in-one device with cylinder shape.
It displays the head of a FRP agitator vessel, while its mixer and nozzles can be seen.
FATP-03: FRP agitator vessel has many parts, including mixer, internals, valves and so forth.
Specification - FRP agitator tank
Model Volume (m3) Size (mm) diameter × height × thickness Weight (kg)
FATS-02 2 DN 1200 × 1900 × 7 100
FATS-06 6 DN 1600 × 2500 × 10 300
FATS-10 10 DN 1800 × 4080 × 11.5 590
FATS-15 15 DN 1800 × 6060 × 12 700
FATS-20 20 DN 1800 × 6740 × 12 1200
FATS-50 50 DN 3000 × 7390 × 15 2500
FATS-80 80 DN 4000 × 8030 × 18.5 2750
FATS-110 110 DN 4000 × 9140 × 19 3000
FATS-130 130 DN 4000 × 10740 × 20 3300
FATS-140 140 DN 4000 × 11540 × 20 4500
FATS-150 150 DN 4000 × 12340 × 25 5700
Smooth finish, easy to assemble & clean.
Being noncorrosive, aging-resistant & anti-pressure.
Lightweight, high strength, good insulation.
Keeping constant temperature & having long service life for 50 years.
Being able to add heating and cooling systems according to customers' requirements.
A working system of FRP agitator tanks is installed in the factory.
FATP-04: FRP agitator tanks with heating and cooling systems can be used in specific areas.
Having the merits of being corrosion-resistant, anti-aging and pressure-proof, FRP agitator tank can withstand numerous acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents. As a means of storing corrosive medium, fiber reinforced plastic has incomparable advantages. Therefore FRP agitator is widely used in oil and gas, power, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper-making, metal and marine industries, etc.

Workers are checking the FRP agitator tanks.
FATP-05: FRP agitator tanks should be regular checking to ensure normal operation.FRP agitator tanks are delivered by a truck.
FATP-06: FRP agitator tank has incomparable advantages to process corrosive medium.
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